Forty years later, this run still holds sway with runners, and with the release of 2015’s Creed, a new generation of runners will add this run to their bucket list. For inspiration, here’s a clip of the run from the 1976 movie. By the way, it still works. Big time. There’s also an annual Rocky Run road race.

Rocky Run Video Clip

Now, it is impossible to actually replicate the Rocky Route. We read a few articles trying to replicate the route in the movie montage, and the route actually covers a vast swath of Philadelphia — some 25+ miles, including some sections that would be impossible to do (i.e. through a tunnel). However, here’s the route the organizers of the annual Rocky Run Road Race use to replicate the ‘iconic’ parts of this ‘iconic’ run.

  • 5k and 10k options, from the annual Rocky Race