Côte d'Azur, France

Saint-Tropez: Waterfront, Citadel, Castles!

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Saint-Tropez is a popular destination in the Côte d’Azur, known for its artists, beaches, and nightlife. There’s a nice mix running options in Saint-Tropez, from waterfront paths to some more rugged trail running options.

Waterfront and Citadel Tour. Put together a nearly 5 km route is along waterfront paths and then a climb to the historic citadel. A waterfront path starts near Pointe du Cimetière, curls around the 15th-century Tour Portalet (narrow and can can flooded), out to the lighthouse, and around the marina. After 3 km, use Rue de la Citadelle to do the popular 200m hill interval climb (there are also stairs!), and then run the back paths back to the start.  ROUTE MAP

Sentier Littoral. Google Street View

Sentier Littoral. Up to  16 km, 178m gain. This is a popular coastal path walk/hike that can also be a trail run of moderate difficulty. The full tour is a 16 km loop, some of it along the water and some above it. Path ranges from narrower, sand/dirt to some wider and on-road sections. If you don’t want to do the full loop, choose a section: It’s 5 km to Pointe de la Rabiou, 8 km to Cap des Salins, and 11 km to Cap du Pinet, where the route turns inland. Detailed description. ROUTE MAP

Plage de la Pampelone. This long, sandy beach is a popular spot in Saint-Tropez. The beach is soft sand, not compact, so it’s a challenge for running. It’s about 12 km from Saint-Tropez to Plage de Tahiti & Plage de la Pampelone along the Sentier Littoral (described above). You can use the beach to anchor a route along a southern section of the Sentier Littoral.
Grimaud Castle. The heritage village of Grimaud, 15 minutes inland from Saint-Tropez is a popular visitor spot, known for the Chateau de Grimaud and spectacular hilltop views. We’ve mapped a 5 km loop, which includes a climb up to the castle from the historic center, and then the road passing the historic Moulin Saint Roch (Mill) and the ancient Pont des Fées (bridge). To make this a decent-sized run, take the pretty Chemin du Pré Saint-Michel and Chemin Saint-Joseph to complete the loop (no shoulder but not much traffic).


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