Salzburg, Austria

Gaisberg Rundwanderweg

Hotel Langwies

This is a great opportunity to get a taste of the mountains, just a few kilometers east of Salzburg. Gaisberg Mountain rises some 2,600 feet, with several hiking paths leading to the summit. For runners, there’s a 5.2 km circuit called the Gaisberg Rundwanderweg (“balcony of Salzburg”), that starts at the Hotel Zistelalm. It is a combination path/boardwalk type trail, which has great views of Salzburg, Wallersee Lake, and the surrounding mountains. From the hotel, just follow the road/path called Oberwinkl. This is a reasonably challenging run, with 730 foot gain, with one significant climb of 600 feet over the first 1.4 miles, with an average grade of 8%. NOTE: Might not be runnable in winter.

If you’d like to summit Gaisberg, from the hotel it is 2.3 km one-way, with an elevation gain of 900 feet and VERY steep grades!  A road does lead to the summit, so you could always have a partner take you to the top and you can run down!


  • Rundwanderweg is a 5.3 km (3.3 miles) loop
  • 730 feet
  • Hotel Zistelalm
  • A few km drive from Salzburg. A road leads to the summit