San Sebastián, Spain

Monte Igueldo Area Run

View from Summit of Mt. Igueldo. Wikimedia Commons

On the western side of La Concha bay, there’s some nice running around Monte Igueldo, which is known for its spectacular views of San Sebastián, and its small amusement park at the summit. There are a couple of options here: take the funicular to the top and run from there, or run to the summit.

View of Mt. Igueldo. Wikimedia Commons

The run is a climb of 130m over 1.75 km on Del Faro Ibilbidea, with grades averaging 7-9%. From the summit, we’ve mapped a pleasant run on some of the area’s small roads, first along Igeldo Pasealekua, then a nice 3 km out and back along the narrow Lasarmendi Bidea road (1.5 km steady climb), then looping back to town downhill via the back side of Igeldo Pasealekua. Combining the two is 7 km.

Add-Ons/Options: Combine with our Antiguo Parks run or the La Conha promenade.

  • Run to summit is 1.75 km. Run from summit and back to town is 5.4 km (so, 7.1 km combined).
  • Run to Summit: 130m (430 feet), 7-9% grades; Run from summit: 140m (440 feet)
  • For run to summit; Base of Mt. Igueldo, near funicular station; Run from summit, start at the viewpoint
  • Funicular is option to reach summit