San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián Old Town and Monte Urgull

Flickr: Guillén Pérez

This 5k ‘runseeing’ tour is a wonderful overview of San Sebastián’s compact, scenic Old Town, including a 100m climb up to the castle on top of Mount Urgull where you’ll enjoy some fantastic views. It can be easily combined with our other San Sebastián routes for a longer run. Note that there are two main roads on Urgull: Monte Urgull Kalea and Gaztelubide Kalea. There are also some stairs that provide a more direct (and heart rate inducing) way to the top. There are good maps along the way.

Start in Old Town around Constitution Plaza, and enjoy a couple of the longer, pedestrian streets (Narrika Kalea, Calle Mayor), with a jaunt through the park paths to City Hall. (Donostiako Udala). Then, run around the Marina along the waterfront promenade, past the Aquarium. Just past the Jorge Oteiza: Construcción Vacía sculpture (1.5 km mark), turn RIGHT to begin heading up Monte Urgull, using Monte Urgull Kalea and then Gaztelubide Kalea. We’ve used a switchback-ey type route, to make the climb easier. It’s 1 km to the Castle, climbing about 100m, with a 1/2 km steep section. Pass the Castle, continuing to the Cementerio de los Ingleses view, and then down the hill past the Batería de Bardocas and Urgull mendiko bista, switchbacking your way down Gaztelubide Kalea, passing the Paseo de los curas observation deck.

Add-Ons/Options: Additional streets in Old Town (go early!), seafront promenade, paths in Parque Alderdi Eder.

  • 5 km (3.1 miles), with good add-on options
  • 162m (340 feet), with 0.5 km very steep section
  • Old Town - Constitution Plaza