Santiago, Chile

Parque Araucano & Juan Pablo

Courtesy: Jennifer Bepko

Parque Araucano & Juan Pablo are two adjoining parks in the Las Condes part of Santiago that make for a pleasant, 3-4 km off-road run. There are numerous paths throughout the parks, and paths that can form a perimeter. A footbridge connects the parks. The parks are in a busy area and are surrounded by tall buildings and other development, so this is sort of an oasis. There’s an ice skating rink, skate parks, bird house, playgrounds, exercise equipment, a church, dog parks, and plenty of wide open green space. The center area has a collection of cafes, restaurants, a food truck park, and entertainment venues. The park had a fence around it with several openings to a surrounding sidewalk.

Note: Thanks to Jennie Bepko for some of the description and photos!

  • 3-4 km perimeter loop
  • 72 feet
  • Anywhere in the park. Arts Center off Av. Pdte. Riesco is a good starting point
  • Accessible by bus