São Paulo, Brazil

Ibirapuera Park

One of Latin America’s largest city parks, Ibirapuera Park, covers over 158 hectares (nearly 400 acres)  features both natural and cultural sites. The park opened in 1954 on the 400th anniversary of the city of Sao Paolo and has been one of the city’s most popular attractions ever since.

Runners can explore five different running paths in the park, varying from 3km to 6km or create their own route if feeling adventurous. It’s 2 km north-south and 1.5 km east-west. Some natural highlights include Lake Ibiraquera, Manequinho Lopes plan nursery, and Plaza Burle Marx. Cultural highlights include the Brazilian Cultures pavilion, the Sao Paolo biennial fountain, the Oca pavilion, the São Paulo Museum of Modern Art, the Museu Afro Brasil, and the Ibirapuera Auditorium designed by famed architect Oscar Niemeyer.

  • Several marked running paths, ranging from 3 km to 6 km. It's 2 km north-south and 1.5 km east-west
  • Anywhere in park. There are multiple entrances
  • Well served by bus. Closest Metro station is Ana Rosa (Line 1), about 2 km away