Sapporo, Japan

Hokkaido University

The Sapporo campus of Hokkaido University is considered one of the most beautiful universities in Japan, known for its colorful gingko-lined streets and gorgeous academic buildings like the Hokkaido University Museum. Campus is open to the public, and has a very park-like feel with plenty of runnable paths and sidewalks. Almost any route around the University can be a great run, but our route (inspired by the Sapporo Tourist Association’s suggestions) is a 7.5 km tour that hits some of the best sights on campus. It starts from Sapporo Station and heads north into the University, past the University Museum and Ono Pond. Just after Ono Pond, turn RIGHT. You won’t want to miss a trip up and down scenic Gingko Avenue, especially during the colorful fall season. Run Ginko Ave as an out and back, then continue north to the roundabout. Turn LEFT and find the path along Kanjo-Dori Ave. At the baseball diamond, turn RIGHT north on the road until it ends, then turn LEFT.  Turn LEFT again along Shinkawa-Dori Ave and Ishiyama-dori, then bear LEFT along Kita 8 Jo-Dori. At the next major intersection, turn RIGHT to head south back to the station.

  • 7.5 km (4.7 miles)
  • 26 meters
  • Sapporo Station
  • Sapporo Station