Sapporo, Japan

Toyohira River Path

Without a doubt, the top place to run in Sapporo is the long paved pathway along the Toyohira River and its many linear parks. It’s the highlight of the Sapporo Marathon, and is great for an out and back of any length. The northern end path starts near the east end of the river where it flows into the Ishikari. From here, it carries along the north bank for approximately 25 km to Ishiyamakiti Park. On the south bank, paths are more intermittent, but go for about 15 km between Makominai Park and the Tsukisamu River.

Our favorite option is to run along the river path between Nakajima Park and Makominai Park. It’s about 8 km between Nakajimakoen and Makominai Stations. Run it as a 16 km out and back or return on the Namboku line train for a one-way. At Nakajima Park, located between Nakajimakoen and Horohirabashi Station, runners can form additional loops of up to 2.5 km. At Makominai Park in the south of the city, a loop around the perimeter is just over 5 km. For a longer run, continue north of Nakajima Park for several km, or head west for 1.3 km to Odori Park.

Other good options on the north end of the trail are Ryokuchi Park and Toyohiragawakariki Kasen Health Park.

  • We've mapped 8 km (5 miles) between Nakajima Park and Makominai Park. Up to 25 km of paths, plus park loops.
  • 80 meters
  • Nakajima Park or Makominai Park
  • Nakajimakoen or Makominai Station