Sapporo, Japan

Odori Park


Stretching several blocks across central Sapporo, Odori Park is one of the city’s prized green spaces. Although the park is intersected by several streets, it’s a beautiful spot to run some laps and/or intervals. On the west end sits Sapporo Shiryokan, mirrored on the east end by the Sapporo TV Tower. Almost every block between features an expansive lawn with a centerpiece garden and fountain. A loop around the entire park is about 3 km, but it’s also a good addition to the Hokkaido University route or even the Toyohira River.

Longer Run: It’s 1.3 km to Nakajima Park, which is also nice for running (use Google Maps walking directions to get there). Once there, can also continue on the Toyohira River path north or south.

  • 3 km (1.8 miles) loop
  • 17m
  • Nishi Juitchome or Ōdōri Station
  • Nishi Juitchome or Ōdōri Station