Sapporo, Japan

Asahiyama Memorial Park

Created in 1970 in honor of Sapporo’s 100th anniversary, Asahiyama Memorial Park is known for its panoramic views of the city from a 137 meter vista. The park is in the southwest part of the city. In addition to the paved, well-lit paths which lead to the park’s fountain and staircases, Asahiyama is a great entryway to some of the area’s top trail running. While the trails are non-technical and in good shape, they are quite hilly and challenging. One favorite route climbs through the Asahiyama vista and loops around the trails to the southwest near Mt. Moiwa. There are good facilities and restrooms.

Add-On: A detour to the summit of Moiwa for extra hills and views.


  • 5.3 km (3.3 mile loop)
  • 292m (960 feet) in our mapped route
  • Asahigaoka Park
  • Asahigaokakokomae Bus Stop