Sapporo, Japan

Nopporo Forest Park (Ebetsu Area)


Another good trail running option in the east of the city (Ebetsu area), the huge Nopporo Forest Park has over 2000 hectares to explore. Paths vary in terrain and length, but runners can form loops anywhere up to 20 km. The north end of the park is generally more developed, while the south of the park features more dirt paths. We’ve mapped a 20 km perimeter route to use as a guide, and also included a trail map, which shows loops options of various lengths. There are some gentler ‘walking’ trails, and also some hillier options.

Parking and entrances are available at Osawa, Tomanbetsu, Mizuho, and Todoyama 24 hours a day, while the Memorial Tower and Historical Village of Hokkaido entrances are open from 7 am to 5 pm. The front gate (near the elementary school) is open from 7 am to 10 pm.

  • Perimeter Loop is Up to 20 km (12.7 miles); Numerous other loop options
  • Perimeter loop is 267m (879 feet). There are some flatter trail options as well
  • Any gate
  • Shin-Saporro Station