Sarasota, FL

The Celery Fields Trails

A 360+ acre area, these former celery fields are now a combination water collection zone, restored wetlands area, birding spot, and recreation area. It’s also one of the few opportunities in Sarasota to get some hill running in. There are trails along the water flow fields, which are a combination of open marshlands, ponds, canals, and are edged by oaks, willows, and pines on the eastern and southern boundaries. The Sarasota Audubon Society operates a nature center off Palmer Blvd.

We’ve included a trail map of Celery Fields. It’s about 4 miles around the perimeter, with the possibility to add another 1 mile or so in the interior, including some trails on Observation Hill.

  • 4-5 miles of trails
  • Some good hill running on Observation Hill
  • Audubon Nature Center off Palmer Rd.
  • Parking at Nature Ctr. off Palmer Rd.