Seoul, South Korea

Han River Paths

Running along the Han River (Han-Gang) is one of the most popular places to run in Seoul. It’s a wonderful greenbelt, with miles of flat paths between numerous bridges, with lots of options for loops. There are great views of the river, and it is possible to cross over most of the bridges spanning this route. The Banpo Bridge is beautifully lit at night.

Banpo Bridge at night

We offfer a couple of options here. To stay mainly on the south side, in Riverside Park (Banpo Hangang), the longest stretch is 5k (3 miles) between the Dongiak Bridge to the west and the Dongho Bridge to the East. It’s a 10k if you’d like to do the full out and back! Take a quick detour over to Seoraeseom, an artificially created island, with some nice paths (and refresher spots).

Alternatively, a good loop is starting on the north side, near the Ichon Station, at Hangang Bridge. Run 3.2 km (2 miles) east to the Banpo Bridge, cross it over to the south side, and turn left, heading west about 1.6k (1 mile) to the Dongiak Bridge, to the end.

Some distance options:

  • North side: Hangang Bridge to┬áDongiak Bridge is 1.2 miles; Dongiak to Banpo Bridge is 0.7 miles.
  • South Side: Dongiak to Banpo Bridge is 1 mile; Banpo to Hannam Br. is 1.25 miles; and Hannam Br. to Dongho Br. is 0.7 miles

Add-On: Yongsan Park is near the north side Han River paths, so one could do a nice combo run.

  • Various options: Bridges loop is 9km (5.6 miles); South side Banpo Hangang greenbelt is 5km one way
  • Flat
  • Depends on option chosen
  • On north side, Ichon station is 500m to the river, with good signage. Take exit 4