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Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is the capital of the Republic of Korea and is one of the largest cities in the world. It’s also a major business and tech center. Half of South Korea’s 50 million people live in the greater Seoul area. The city is situated on the Han River, which divides Seoul into north and south sections. Seoul is surrounded by eight mountains, four of which are in central Seoul.

There’s good running in Seoul, but due to the city’s size and density, plan where you stay and use the excellent transport system to get to a ‘spot’. The highlights include the many paths and parks along the Han River, and Namasan, one of four mountains in central Seoul and the best for running. The ‘five parks’ of World Cup Park, Yongsan Family Park, trails around Olympic Park, and trails near Yonsei University, including Ansan, are also great for running. There are also excellent paths for running along Cheonggyecheon Stream and the Yangjaecheon Stream Trail.

Seoul has a great transport network, with 9 subway lines and an extensive light metro, and commuter rail, and KTX high speed train system. The subway will get you to just about all of our routes.

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Changdeokgung Secret Garden

Seoul, South Korea

The second largest palace in Seoul, located east of Gyeongbokgung Palace and the famous Bukchon Hanok Village. The "Secret Garden" has nearly 80 acres of trails and is open to the public. The place is heavily visited, so best to go early.

Seoul has a continental sort of climate, with cool to cold winters and hot, humid summers. The best running seasons are spring and fall. In spring, enjoy the gorgeous cherry blossoms, and in fall, some of the mountain parks are a particular treat. Winter temps can be well below freezing, with average Janaury highs of 0C, so bring layers and be prepared for some icy terrain, although the important cycling/pedestrian paths are kept clear. Winters are generally dry. In summer, it can be hot, with average highs near 30C, so run early and hydrate. There’s also a fair bit of rain in summer, brought mainly by East Asian Monsoon downpours. July and August tend to be quite cloudy. Many of our routes in the city are well lit at night.

Seoul is a huge city, and there are hotels interspersed all over. Make sure you stay close to a subway, making it easy to get to one of our recommended running spots.

That said, for immediate proximity:

  • Namasan: Good cluster of hotels on west or east side of it
  • Yongsangdong. Good selection of hotels just northeast of park, between Yongsangdong and Namasan
  • Han River. Good cluster of hotels east of Banpo Bridge, on south side


There are plenty of spots in Seoul to buy running gear. Most stores are outposts of running/athletic wear companies: Asics, Puma, Reebok, and so on. See map on city home page.


Group runs aren’t as common from Seoul running stores. Best bet is to join one of the running groups as a guest.

Seoul Flyers running group has group runs.

Many expats belong to one of the city’s popular Hash House Harrier kennels. A sampling:



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