Seoul, South Korea

World Cup (Millennium) Park

World Cup (Millennium) Park is built on the site of a former landfill in the Sangamdong-gil section of Seoul. This is a great spot for a run, as there are five interconnected parks adjacent to the World Cup stadium. There are miles of trails above the Han River, and there are great views from Haneul (Sky) Park. Run up the 291 stairs!

One can put together a run of 5-8 miles without overlapping the trails. It’s about 5 miles around the ‘perimeter’ of the area.

  • Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park.  The main park of World Cup Park, created to commemorate the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup Games. There’s a pond, forest, and Unicef Plaza.
  • Haneul (Sky) Park. World Cup Park’s highest point. Every fall, silver grasses in the park’s vast grassland create breathtaking views. The Haneul stairs consist of 291 stairs and are a popular tourist–and runner– attraction! There are observation points on the sloping sides of the park
  • Noeul (Sunset) Park. Wild animals, fields, and a sculpture garden.
  • Nanjicheon Park. Built along the Nanji Stream, there’s an outdoor stage and various sports facilities.
  • Hangang Riverside Park. Built on the banks of Han River.  Sports fields a river cruise ship port, and an area for nature-studies.
  • Miles of trails. Perimeter of all 5 parks is 5+ miles.
  • Any spot, but stop at World Cup Stadium.
  • Subway: World Cup Stadium