Situated in the southwest part of Seoul, Olympic Park, site of the 1988 summer games, still boasts six Olympic venues and 197 original sculptures set among the grounds. It’s a center for walking and running, with several marked paths of varying length. See the interactive map link. Centering on Mongchon Forest trails, enjoy Lakeside Lane, Fortress Lane, Memory Lane, Lovers’ Lane and Youth Lane, with lengths of 1.3 km to 4.3 km. Several are quite hilly! Youth Lane is especially meant for runners. Enjoy running though World Peace Gate, run around 88 Lake, and wonderful flower gardens. From the website:

  • Lakeside Lane. is highly favored by those who work in the nearby areas because they can feel the serenity and peace of mind.
  • Fortress Lane.  Excellent view of the historic relics from the Baekje Dynasty and the wide grass areas. Hilly!
  • Memory Lane. Forming two circles around Mongchon Fortress.
  • Lovers’ Lane. Leisurely strolls around Lake 88 and the Mongchon Fortress.
  • Youth Lane. Allows an unobstructed view of the outer ring of Olympic Park. Widely used for running events.


  • Depends on trail chosen
  • Some are quite hilly, especially Fortress Lane
  • There are multiple entry gates.
  • Subway: Olympic Park or Montonchoseong