Seoul, South Korea

Ansan, Yeonhui-Dong

This is a hilly run with rewarding views of the city from the summit. It’s one of the better options near the city to get some trail running in, although it is possible to do it in regular running shoes. The summit is at 900 feet. Access can be from Great West Gate, or Yonsei University.

Bongwonsa Temple and 3000 Buddhas

Hill Run: The route starts near the Seodaemun Museum of Natural History, which is near Seodaemun-gu (Great West Gate), one of four great gates to the city, located there since the Joseon dynasty. Follow the well marked route to the Yeonheung Mineral Spring, and then the Muakjeong Pavilion, about 2km. There are badminton courts, outdoor exercise stations and a natural spring. Take a left and follow the signs to Beacon Mound, the peak.

For the return, follow signs down the mountain down Bongwonsa Temple, and either retrace your steps up the mountain or run along the base, which is flatter.

Less Challenging Option: 7km (4.3 mile) walking trail around the mountain. This particular trail never reaches the peak but it does offer some great sights through scenic forests. The trail is well marked.

Add-On: Combine with the wooded trails and paths in nearby Yonsei University, just to the south.


  • 6-7 km roundtrip, depending on route chosen
  • Great West Gate, near the Museum of National History
  • Accessible by bus