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Praslin Running Options

Creative Commons: Remi Jouan

Praslin is the second-largest of the Seychelles islands, with a vibe in-between Mahé’s and sleepier La Digue. It’s known for beautiful beaches and the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve. Like Mahé, there’s a main road that travels along the east and west coasts of the island (but not making a full circle!). There are very few interior roads. Our recommendations for the best places to run on Praslin:

Main Coast Road. The main road travels for ~15 km along the east and west coasts, but does not make the full circle. There can be a fair bit of traffic and there is no shoulder or sidewalk, so it’s not generally recommended for running. Our recommendation is to go early to beat the traffic. Also, much of the road is just inland from the coast. The most scenic sections:

  • West coast, from Sunset Beach south for 2-3 km
  • The area around Pointe Cocos at the southern edge of the island
  • Small sections along the coast off the main road near the Raffles Hotel and near St. Pierre Beach on the east coast
    Anse Volbert Beach. Radosław Botev

Road Between East and West Coasts. 9.4 km out and back, 364m gain, grades up to 8%. The road leading to Vallée de Mai National Park is a good option for a VERY HILLY run through lush foliage. The road runs for 4.7 km between the east and west coasts of Praslin and doesn’t have too much traffic. Do the full out and back, or choose a section! Note: Experienced runners only, use caution! No shoulder on road

Vallée de Mai NP. CC: dronepicr

Vallée de Mai National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the easier spots for a trail run in the Seychelles. There are 4-5 km of trails through lush mountain scenery, including the rare coco de mer palm tree. From the visitor center/parking area, there are three interlocking trails, with generally good footing. It’s a bit hilly but the park starts at sort of near the top of the hill. There are brochures at the HQ and a trail map kiosk at the entrance. Hours 8:30am-4pm. For an add-on, it’s possible to run on the 4.7 km park road that can be accessed from either coast. TRAIL MAP

Best Beaches for Running: The best beach for running on Praslin is Anse Volbert /Cote D’Or Beach, which run for 2.5 km along the island’s east coast. Nice, firm sand and one of the longest beaches in the Seychelles. Can be narrow depending on tides.


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