Shanghai, China

Daning Lingshi Park

One of the best places to run in Shanghai is the Daning Lingshi Park on Guangzhong road. The park is centrally located and is the largest green park in Shanghai with an area of about 200 acres. It is divided into three parts by Pengyuepu River, which traverses the park north to south. The eastern section is water and includes a waterscape viewing embankment, a man-made and beach, and a wetland scenic spot. The central area is marsh area, and the western area is the forest and European garden section.

There are many good running options. The 6 meter wide path which circumnavigates the park is about 4k (2.5 miles). It’s also popular to run around the lake, about 1.5 miles (can’t do full loop).

  • Various paths. It's about 4k around perimeter
  • Entrance near Shanghai Circus station
  • Metro line 1: Shanghai Circus World station; Take Exit 3