Shanghai, China

Gongqing National Forest Park

We thank a Great Runs reader for this addition to running in Shanghai. The Gongqing National Forest Park covers an area of 131 hectares and is the second largest park in Shanghai. It’s lush and green, with paths along grassy areas and some more forest-like trails. It’s a respite from the city and feels less artificial than other parks in Shanghai. It’s reachable via Metro Line 8.

One can easily put together a nice run of a few km around all the paths. A loop around the perimeter is about 3.5 km.

The park itself has other facilities and activities — playgrounds, picnic areas, go-karting, paintball, and more.

There is also a really nice ensuite in an artist’s studio on Airbnb which is close to this park

  • Various paths. It's about 3.5 km around perimeter
  • Anywhere in park
  • Metro line 8 (Shiguang Road stop) and is about 1km away from the metro