Shanghai, China

Jing’an Area

We’ve put together a good route in the Jing’an residential district, as typical Shanghai run, along streets with good sidewalks and some interesting sights. It isn’t the most beautiful run you’ll ever do, but it’s a good 9k without too many twists and turns.

Start by the Jing’an Garden subway station, exit 3, or the British Consulate/Portman Ritz-Carlton area. Do a straight shot up Changde Rd., for nearly 2 km., lots of tall buildings on the right. Near Changshou Rd., see the Jade Buddha Temple on the right. Pass near small Changshou Park, making your way over to Suzhou Creek along quieter Aomen Rd., in the Moganshan Road art area. Then it’s along the water, heading south for a little more than 1km. Leave W. Suzhou Rd. and head south to the start, using Taixing Rd., to Fengzian Rd. Right on Fengzian Rd. to the start.

  • 8.7 km (5.4 miles)
  • Flat
  • British Consulate/Portman Ritz Carlton, or Jing’an Temple metro
  • Line 2: Jing’an Temple metro, Exit 3