Shanghai, China

Xuhui Riverside Open Space

Only 500 meters from metro line 7 and 4, this is a unique traffic-free spot in the city. Also known as Shanghai Corniche, this is a riverside redevelopment along a formerly industrial frontage on the northern bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai’s Xuhui District. The path runs about 5k along the Huangpu River, between the Dapu Rd. tunnel and the Longyao Rd. tunnel, paralleling Longteng Ave, with a pedestrian only promenade most of the way. Part of the path is paved with the semi-soft padding used for running tracks.

Add-on: Continue north on Longhua Rd. where there is not that much traffic.

To get there: Subway Line 7: Loghua Middle Road, the exit from Gate 6 and walk down Dong’An Road south about 700 meters

  • About 5k one way between Dapu Rd. tunnel and the Longyao Rd. tunnel
  • Ruining Rd. & Longteng Ave.
  • Subway Line 7: Loghua Middle Road; Subway Line 4