Shanghai, China

Destination Run: Yangcheng Lake

This is a great option if you’d like to escape the bustle of Shanghai and experience some peace, quiet, and nature. Yangcheng Lake is about 80 km west of Shanghai, and the great transport system will get you there in a smooth 30 minutes. There are are wonderful nature trails, terrific for running or walking.

Make it a day or half day by enjoying a lovely lunch at the  high-end Fairmont Hotel right on  the lake, which includes use of their pool.

The freshwater lake is 17 km from north to south and 8 km from east to west. A highlight of the lake’s aquatic life is the ‘Hairy Crab’, which is also a local delicacy.

To get there: best bet is the direct train from Shanghai Station to Yangcheng Hu (only 1 train goes every morning). Train number: G7042, depart: 8:32am, price: 24.5 RMB, duration: 28 min

To get back: Train number: G7071, Depart: 5:40pm, Price: 24.5 RMB, Duration: 27 min.

More frequent service to/from Kunshan Station, a 40 RMB ($6) taxi ride from the lake.

  • Numerous paths for running or walking
  • One direct train to/from the lake. More frequent service to/from Kunshan Station (see above)