Shenzen, China

Shenzen CBD Parks: Central, Bijiashan, Lianhuashan, Honey

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the the central business district of the Futian section of Shenzen, there are three fairly large and interconnected parks that provide a running oasis. Central Park is the most landscaped and runnable, while Bijiashan and Lianhuashan are hillier.

Central Park. This is the main park of the area and the most landscaped and runnable. It’s ~2 km north-south.  There are pleasant paths, and good views of the business district as you head north, along a path next to the river. The northern section is prettier and more landscaped. Access:  Huaqiang North Station and Exit A on the orange line and then straight ahead for 400 meters.

Bijiashan Park (Beacon Mountain). A hillier park with lots of nice paths and a children’s amusement park. The paths are fairly shaded. There are great views from hilltop. It’s ~2.2 km south-north. There’s a South Gate off Sungang W. Rd. and a West Gate off Huanggang Rd.

Lianhuashan Park (Lotus Flower Park). Park is a mix of open fields, woods, an artificial lake, and a large outdoor plaza at the hilltop. Also a popular kite-flying spot. The modern Guan Shan Yue Mei Shu Guan Museum is at the south end. Shenzen Library is just south of the park. In spring, the park is famous for its 2,000 blossoming peach trees. Located off Hongli Road. It’s about 4 km around the perimeter. For a good 2 km uphill run, enter the main gate (just west of Children’s Palace Metro Station in Futian), run north and turn left at the first major crossing. Run along the south end of the lake, then turn right and begin the right-trending road that leads to the top of the hill.  Metro: Longgang (Line 3) Children’s Palace, F1 exit.

Honey Park. Pleasant park 2 km east of Lianhuashan Park, at the junction of  Xianmihu road and Hongli Road. There are paths around and jutting onto a lake. It’s ~4 km around the park’s paths, which have dedicated running lanes. For a longer run, do a few laps or combine with other CBD parks. Subway access: Xiangmi or Xiangmihu. If staying at the Marriott, there is a pedestrian bridge to cross the Xiangmihu Rd. The Lianhuashan park is further down Hongli Road.

  • Can put together many km through the three parks. Central & Bijiashan are ~2 km south-north
  • Bijiashan Park and Lianhuashan Park are hillier than Central Park
  • Depends on park chosen. See info on metro stops and consult our map for connector roads
  • See full description