Honey Park offers the opportunity for a short, pleasant run in Futian, close to Shenzen’s CBD. Thanks to Great Runs user Pamela Skaufel for her suggestion of this route!

There are dedicated running lanes in the park, around the water and jutting out onto the water, with plenty of elevation and flat sections. It’s about 2.0-2.5 miles (*~4k) around the park, so those looking for a longer run might want to do a few laps. There are plenty of toilets/washrooms, as well as vending machines for a cold drink. If staying at the JW Marriott nearby or coming from the Xiangmihu subway station, run for ~1/4 mile, crossing Hongli Road, then continue down Xiangmihu Rd. to the park entrance.

Longer Run: Combine with Lianhuashan Park, which is ~2km west, along Hongli Rd.

  • Laps around the park are ~4 km (~2.0-2.5 miles)
  • Some small hills
  • Off Xiangmihu Rd. Can also start at JW Marriott, close by
  • Closest subway: Xiangmihu (south); Xiangmi (north)