Shreveport, LA

Betty Virginia Park and Surrounding Neighborhood

Wikimedia Commons

Betty Virginia Park is the keystone of the Caddo Heights/South Highland Neighborhood, located south of Shreveport center on the I-49 corridor. It’s a fairly small park at just 23 acres, but visitors love it for its playground, open green lawns, and running pathways. Do some laps of the 0.7 mile paved park perimeter path and then run on the attractive residential streets of the surrounding neighborhood. Some of our favorite roads in the area include Ockley Drive, Fairfield Ave, and Trabue Street, which all immediately surround the park. We’ve mapped a 2.4 mile route around the neighborhood for reference — combine it with the park loop for a 5K!

  • 5k (3.1 miles)
  • 107 feet (33 meters)
  • Betty Virginia Park
  • Line Ave and Ockley Drive