Shreveport, LA

Red River National Wildlife Refuge

No matter what kind of terrain you crave, there’s a run for you at Red River National Wildlife Refuge. This sanctuary is tucked into Eagle Bend Point, a curve in the river just 9 miles south of central Shreveport and Bossier City. Runners can arrive via the Arthur Ray Teague Parkway path, or take on one of the many natural trails in the park. If you prefer to avoid technical trail running, there is a 3.5 mile loop around Lake Caroline which utilizes the Teague Parkway, a car-free gravel road, and the easygoing Lake Trail. More experienced trail runners may enjoy a 4 mile loop that takes advantage of the Cottonwood, Lake Bluff, and River Trails. Wherever you go, keep in mind that these trails can be quite damp and muddy after it rains.

Add-On: Arthur Ray Teague Parkway path

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  • Arthur Ray Teague Parkway