Sicily, Italy

Mount Etna – Road, Trails, Parkrun (Catania)

Kelsey Perrett

Running the slopes of one of the world’s most active volcanoes (and the highest in Europe) may only be appealing to the most adventurous of runners, but it’s truly a one-of-kind experience. The road up Etna is narrow, and often packed with buses and snowbanks, so it’s not really ideal for running. If you have your heart set on running up the mountain, there are some doubletrack trails consisting of packed lava rock that are decent, but definitely challenging. Our recommendation for running around Etna is to join in a weekly Parkrun at Parco dell Etna, near the southern base of the mountain. This free 5 km, which takes place Saturday mornings on the Pineta Nicolosi/Monti Rossi trail is a fun wooded tour around “the door of Etna,” formed by lava flows in 1669.

  • 5 km
  • Hilly
  • Pineta Monti Rossi
  • Best with a car/taxi