Brownsville & South Padre Island, TX

South Padre Island Running Highlights

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South Padre Island is a resort town on a barrier island, located 25 miles east of Brownsville. It’s popular for its miles of beaches and warm, calm waters. The best places to run on South Padre Island are on the 10+ miles of beach.  Note: The Queen Isabella Causeway to South Padre Island is not runnable.

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Beach Running. There are 10+ miles of runnable beach. The sand can be firm and compact near the water, though situational and tidally dependent. It’s 9 miles from Isla Blanca Beach at the southern end of the island to Beach Access 6. The beach continues for another 3 miles north of there, becoming more rugged.

Isla Blanca Area. Put together a run here on the bike path that runs along the Channel View Loop. It’s ~1.5 miles. Can add with a section of Isla Blanca Beach. If you’re intrepid, “run” out the fishing jetty at the extreme south end, on the large rocks (can be slippery!).

Road Running. Gulf Blvd. runs for 3 miles north along the island. It has a sidewalk and a protected bike lane, so it’s a decent spot for a road run. It’s a busy road and won’t win any awards for scenery, since buildings block beach/water views most of the way. If you like, start at the Largest Outdoor Sandcastle In The USA, which is 0.5 miles south of Gulf Blvd. Padre Blvd. has a sidewalk. You can also run on the quieter, sidewalked east-west residential side streets off Gulf Blvd.

Laguna Madre Nature Trail. Located 1 mile north of the northern end of Gulf Blvd., there’s ~1 mile of scenic running on this nature trail on the bay side off Padre Blvd. Can be combined with some running on the bay side beach (sand conditions situational).



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