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Brownsville & South Padre Island, TX

Our Guide to Running in Brownsville Includes South Padre Island


Located on the western Gulf Coast near the Mexican border, the Brownsville area presents an interesting mix of terrain and climates.  The area is popular for South Padre Island’s beaches, and as an important center for birding. Running in Brownsville itself consists of mainly open grassland and desert type terrain, while there’s beach and wetland running at the coast.

The best places to run in Brownsville are the two multi-use paths: the Historic Battlefield Trail and the Event Center Trail. Highlights of our downtown Brownsville tour are the Mitte Cultural area and university campuses. At South Padre Island, the best running is on the 10+ miles of beach. And the Laguna Atascosa Wildlife Refuge is a worth-it destination run, with roads and trails featuring wetlands, tidal flats, desert & prairie.

Runners should note that Brownsville’s weather is brutally hot from May-September, and the terrain is quite open. Pick your time and hydrate!

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Browsnville’s climate is a curious mix — humid subtropical, but bordering a hot semiarid area. Winters are delightfully mild and dry,  but runners should be aware that May-October is very hot and humid, with daytime temps often in the mid-90s (34C), and nights that rarely dip below 70F (21C). It’s a sunny climate, but they do average 27 inches of rain annually — about 1/3 of it in September and October.


There are no independent running stores in Brownsville. But you can find running gear at El Toro Sporting Goods, located downtown, and Footaction, located in the Sunrise Mall.