Spokane, WA

Saltese Uplands Conservation Area

Google Street View
Courtesy: Aurélie Vilmer

The Saltese Uplands Conservation Area is another location for a scenic trail run that’s not far from Spokane. Located 17 miles due west of Spokane, this 552-acre preserve has 7 miles of trails through shrub steppe habitat, with opportunities to explore canyons that embrace year-round springs and climb ridge tops with views of Liberty Lake, Mount Spokane, and Saltese Flats. For a flatter run, we recommend sticking to ~ 4 mile Uplands Loop. It’s ~4 miles. It’s trail running but the surface is good and the terrain quite open. For a challenge, add the Summit Loop, which adds ~700 feet of climbing over nearly 2 miles. There are other trails and a series of fire roads in the preserve.

Our thanks to Aurélie Vilmer for suggesting this route!

  • Uplands Loop is ~4 miles. Summit Loop adds ~2 miles (and is steep!)
  • Uplands Loop is fairly flat. Summit Loop is a ~700 fot climb over 2 miles
  • Parking area
  • Parking area is 1 mile south of I-90, 25 minute drive from Spokane