Spokane, WA

Dwight Merkel Sports Complex

City of Spokane

The Dwight Merkel Sports Complex is the go-to spot in the city for athletics, consisting of everything from a BMX track to soccer and softball fields. It functions as something like a neighborhood park with lots of opportunities for youth sports and recreation leagues. The complex is also the starting point for two great running paths in the city of Spokane: the Perimeter Trail and the Riverside State Park Connector Trail.

Perimeter Trail: A perfect 5K (3.1 mile) course, the Perimeter Trail encircles the Merkel Sports Complex and Joe Albi Stadium. For a longer run, it connects effortlessly with the Riverside Park Connector Trail. MAP

Riverside Park Connector Trail: The 1 mile dirt Riverside Park Connector Trail links the Merkel Sports Complex and the trails of Riverside State Park. MAP.

  • 5K and longer options
  • Flat
  • Merkel Sports Complex
  • Assembly Street