St. Augustine, FL

Neighborhoods: Lincolnville, Davis Shores, Camachee Cove

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This is a guide to some of the nicer neighborhoods for running in the St. Augustine area. The focus is on quiet roads with pretty homes and a nice canopy.

St. Augustine Historic District. The area between the Vilano Bridge and the Bridge of Lions, to the east of Ponce de Leon Blvd. North-south, it’s about 1.3 miles. In addition to the sites & bridges, run the lovely streets between King St. and Castillo Fort: Charlotte, St. George, Spanish, Cordova, Sevilla, Riberia. See our route there. Can be combined with Lincolnville, below.

Lighthouse Park. Wikimedia

Lincolnville Historic District. Just south of the Bridge of Lions. Some quaint, narrow streets with nice homes and a pretty canopy. Especially: Marine St., Charlotte St., and St. George St. Run along Mary Sanchez Lake using Cordova St. Can do 3-4 pleasant miles in this neighborhood. Can be combined with St. Augustine Historic District, above.

Davis Shores/Anastasia. Just across the Bridge of Lions, there’s easy running on quiet roads. North of A1A, you can run the ‘perimeter’, along N. St. Augustine Blvd., and Inlet Dr. (nice water views at south end!). Lighthouse Park is is also pretty. South of A1A the roads are quiet. If you’re looking to rack up some miles, Anastasia Park Rd. is long, quiet, has a sidewalk, and is a bit boring.

Camachee Cove. Flickr: Alan Edwards

Camachee Cove/Lands End Dr. At the base of Vilano Bridge, Camachee Cove has some nice harbor views. Lands End Dr. is a pretty road, featuring some lovely homes. A loop around this area is ~2-2.5 miles.



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