St. Moritz, Switzerland

Multi-Lake Spectacular!

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This is a wonderful opportunity for a longer run in St. Moritz, combining paths along the Inn river and three lakes: Lake Champfèr, Lake Silvaplana, and Lake Sils. It’s very popular with area runners. The total is up to 17 km one-way between St. Moritz and Maloja, but you can choose shorter options, doing loops or using the bus to return along the main road, which runs on the western side of the lake.

Start in St. Moritz, at the south end of San Murezzan Lake, and run on Via Surpunt on the eastern side of the Inn River. At TCS Camping St. Moritz (1.5 km mark), hop onto the gravel path, and then follow the eastern or western side of Lake Champfèr. At the 5k mark, you’ll reach Silvaplana. Cross to the eastern side and run along the pastoral Via Chadaunchels for 1 km, which becomes a lovely path on the eastern side of Lake Silvaplana for 2.5 km. The next 2.5 km are paths connecting Lake Silvaplana and Lake Sils, passing through the pretty town of Sils, and then on a small road/path through Isola (Plan Cuncheta). There are a couple of sections of narrower paths, with some uneven footing. Continue along the eastern side of Lake Sils for ~5 km.  You can return to St. Moritz via bus from Maloja, which runs regularly and takes 40 minutes. Note: the best way to run along Lake Sils is in the eastern side.

  • Up to 17 km (10.6 miles) one-way
  • Undulating. A couple of short steeper sections
  • St. Moritz, Via Surpunt
  • Numerous access points