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Discovering Bainbridge Island

by Landen Buckley

My wife and I had only been living in Washington for a few weeks and wanted an adventure, so we strapped on backpacks and jogged one mile from our parking spot in Belltown to the ferry terminal. We arrived with only minutes to spare, and spent the next forty-five minutes on an almost-empty ferry.

When we touched ground on Bainbridge Island, it was still quite early in the morning. We jogged down the main boulevard, past locals waiting for their coffees, and started uphill. Eventually, we made our way to the Great Forest, and through a few more parks as we continued west. The weather was what you would expect for a February morning in Seattle: Cool and wet.

The halfway point was a pebbled shore, with a view of the Kitsap Peninsula and the Olympic National Forest behind it. We paused to dip our toes into the water and visit with the ducks, then made our way back to Bainbridge for brunch downtown. The run wasn’t our longest, hardest, or quickest, but was one that we won’t easily forget.

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