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Streak Hits Eight Years

by By Mark Lowenstein, Chief Running Officer, Great Runs

A little over a year ago, I shared with the Great Runs community some details about my DIY ‘Fitness Streak’ , defined as a minimum 45-minute, ‘showerable’ activity every day. Outside Magazine did a piece on it when I hit the 2,000 day mark in December, 2019.  And in 2021, I shared some stats around the 7-year mark.

I’m pleased to report that the streak has continued, and hit the eight year, 2,920-day mark on June 13, 2022. I’ve been very fortunate to have remained healthy and  injury-free. Having a work life that allows for some flexibility, and a super supportive spouse have also been factors!  Below are some stats.

Again, a few definitions:

  • Minimum 45-minute, ‘showerable’ activity
  • Cycling Outdoor: minimum 20 miles on road bike or 15 miles on a hybrid
  • Hiking: minimum 90 minutes, with some elevation gain
  • Walking: minimum 10 miles
  • Tennis: Only singles tennis is counted, minimum 1-hour


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