Stowe, VT

Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

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As an alternative to the Stowe Recreation Path, the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail is a recently developed multi-use path that runs between Morrisville and Cambridge. Morrisville is 10 miles north of Stowe on Rt. 100. The trail is a very smooth gravel surface, and quite flat — especially for Vermont! There are wonderful mountain views along the trail, whose terrain alternates between woods and open farm fields. There are numerous interesting spots along the way, and multiple access points. This is the best long, off-road running opportunity in the area that isn’t too hilly or challenging.

Some key distances/landmarks, starting in Morrisville:

3 miles:    Cadys Falls
4.2 miles: Hyde Park
9 miles:    Johnson

There are plans to expand the trail further north, to Jeffersonville. There are also some other open sections of the trail — see the trail Web site.


  • 15.8 miles one-way
  • 625 feet (one-way, headed north)
  • South End: Morrisville: Off Rt. 15/Darling Rd.
  • Numerous parking areas and access points