Stowe, VT

Winter Run: Notch Road

Flickr: Bre LaRow

This is a unique winter running experience. Rt. 108 goes through the notch connecting Stowe and Jeffersonville (and the Mt. Mansfield & Smugglers Notch resorts). It’s a gorgeous, winding road, with views of the mountains, cliffs, and boulders and beneath 1,000-foot high cliffs that hem it down to one-lane in spots. The top is at 2,161 feet, and the climbs are as much as 18%. We don’t recommend the notch for running in the summer because the road is very narrow and steep, with no shoulder. You can do it early, or during periods with little or no traffic. But this road is seriously steep. But from November to May, it’s closed to cars. 

This is a a really nice spot for a winter run/walk when it’s closed to cars. When there’s no snow on the ground, this is a nice paved running road with no cars  — a real treat!  The first 1.5 miles or so, from where the road is closed to Bingham Falls, is not too steep, and climbs about 400 feet. Past Bingham Falls, it gets seriously steep, up to 18% grade. In winter, you will need some sort of traction, depending on conditions. The road is not plowed or maintained, but is often packed due to the number of walkers, X-C skiers, and fat tire bikers.


  • Overall, 2.5 miles to top. First 1.5 miles to Bingham Falls aren't too steep.
  • 700 foot climb, up to 18% grades. Summit of road is at 2,161 feet.
  • Base of Toll Road
  • Parking in lot at base