Strasbourg, France

Bruche Canal Path

Run the famous Bruche Canal, which was built by the famous French architect Vauban to transport the red sandstone of the Vosges for the forts to be built around Strasbourg. A favorite among distance runners and cyclists, this towpath turned tarmac bike path which runs for about 30 km southwest along the canal through gorgeous greenery and farmland. From the city, you can access the route from Canal III, which runs southwest out of the city. It meets up with the Bruche path just past the Montagne Verte medical center. From there, you can continue on as long as you like until the path ends near Marlenheim. Buses do run from here back to Strasbourg, so it’s easy to plan a one way route. Some key distances, headed out of Strasbourg:

2.5 km: D392
4.5 km: D445  Eckbolsheim
6.3 km: D63    Wolfisheim
9.3 km: D222  Achenheim
12 km:  Hangembieten
16-17 km: Emolsheim-Bruche



  • Up to 28 km (17.6 miles) one way
  • 84 meters (276 feet)
  • Parc du Heyritz
  • Hôpital Civil Bus Stop