Strasbourg, France

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Places to Run in Strasbourg

The largest city in the Grand Est region of France, Strasbourg sits on the banks of the Rhine River adjacent to Germany. It’s one of the largest medieval quarters in Europe, known for its cobblestone streets, gothic cathedrals, and timber framed houses along the canals. Today, it remains a culturally fascinating city where French and German influences blend. Running in Strasbourg is a great way to explore this small, yet complex city. The old town streets are narrow and somewhat uneven, but many are closed to traffic which makes more open space for your workout.

Try the Old Town run for a quick historic tour of Strasbourg’s top sites. There are also numerous paths (‘quais’) along Strasbourg’s canals and rivers. For a classic European canal run, the lovely paths along the Bruche Canal go for 28 km. Around l’Orangerie, try the quai paths, and the beautiful park. We’ve also put together a great Park Run, incuding the Parc de l’Orangerie, Botanical Garden, Contades, and Parc de la Citadelle. Run in along the water in two countries and over a neat bridge in our Jardin des Deux Rives run. Pourtalès Park and chateau, a few km northeast of the center, is a great running spot.

Strasbourg is a small city, so getting around on foot is simple. However, public transportation is easy and extensive. Tram and bus routes circle the city, hitting most of the major neighborhoods and destinations (even the far off towns along the Bruche Canal) so run as far as you like!

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Strasbourg has an oceanic climate with warm, sunny summers and cool, overcast winters — good for wine growing!  Average summer high temperatures are in the mid to high 70s (25C), although nights can get cool-ish. In winter, average high temperatures are in the low 40s (4C), with lows dipping just below freezing. Snow is occasional. You might need to be wary of snow and ice in winter, and pack cold weather running clothing. Precipitation averages 26 inches (665mm) annually, with spring-summer months averaging 2x winter months. due to thunderstorms/downpours.

Strasbourg is a popular tourist spot, so there is a good range of hotels. From a running perspective, we recommend staying within some proximity of the Old Town, to the west of the Rhine/German border, and inside the main roads that ring the city: the A4 to the west, Ave. des Voges to the north, and the E52 to the south. That way you’ll always be within a 1-2 km of our great routes!

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There are several great stores for runners in Strasbourg. The Endurance Shop is a general sports store and has great running gear. Jog’r is a dedicated running/triathlon shop. There are also outlets for Adidas. Other more general purpose sporting goods/outdoor gear stores carry running gear. See the map on the city home page for more info.

Group Runs

Jog’r has group runs Saturday mornings 9am. Info

Find the Strasbourg Marathon and other Alsace running events here.