Taipei, Taiwan

Zhonhshan District

This is a part of Taipei that has many popular sights and also some excellent running options. Using the Jiannan Rd. or Dazhi MRT stations as an anchor, runners have an abundance of choices. For scenic, flat running, head to the Dazhi Bridge and run east or west along a series pf waterside parks. Head west through Dajia Riverside Park for about 2 km, and reach the Lin An Tai Ancestral House,  Garden Maze, and Fine Arts Museum. You can also head east for about 4 km — on the southern side of the river, paths are along Yingfeng and Guanshan Riverside Parks. On the north side, it’s Meiti Riverside Park.

You can also head north from the station, to the Grand Victoria Hotel, along Jiannan Rd., which is lush but narrow (no shoulder!), which leads into hillier terrain and hiking trails.

  • 6+ km of riverside paths in this area
  • Flat along river. Jiannan Rd. is hillier
  • Jiannan Rd. or Dazhi MRT station
  • Jiannan Rd. or Dazhi MRT station