Tallahassee, FL

Tom Brown Park & Lafayette Trail

Creative Commons: Michael Rivera
Lafayette Trail Park. Paul Clark.

This is our favorite run in Tallahassee. It’s sort of a linear park trail that binds Tom Brown Park, Lafayette Park, and the JR Alford Greenway, featuring a beautiful oak canopy and passing by two lakes. Start at Tom Brown Park, and follow the main, gravel-surfaced trail for 1 mile through the park. Upper Lake Lafayette is just to the north, but it’s mainly blocked by trees. Continue on a very pretty section into Lafayette Trail Park, with views of Upper Lake Lafayette and then Piney Lake/Lafayette Lake on either side. There’s also a nice oak canopy. Continue into a nice open pasture space. The route is 5 miles one-way, so it’s ~10 miles out and back. For a shorter run, turn back at any point.

Add-On: a paved path heads north for 1.5 miles to Buck Lake Rd., paralleling Pedrick Rd.

  • Up to 5 miles (8 km) one-way
  • 225 feet (68m)
  • Tom Brown Park, just east of Highway 319
  • Tom Brown Park is just east of Highway 319