Tallinn, Estonia

Harku Forest

Trail runners will delight in the Harku Forest, a network of paths through forests, marshes, and mires, just southwest of the city center. There is plenty of ascent and descent on small hills (which is hard to find on Tallinn’s streets) but the dirt track itself is in great condition, and plenty wide enough to accommodate the many walkers, runners, and bikers that visit the park. As a bonus, you’ll encounter several exercise stations with bars, logs, and more, where you can add some strength training to your workout. There are several options for loops in the park. The most popular is an 8 km route, which starts at the north-eastern side of Harku forest by Tähetorni Street and runs in a well-marked ring around Harku Manor (the red dashes on the trail map). If you need a rest — or just want to stop and enjoy the scenery — there are benches and viewing platforms along the way.

  • 8 km (5 miles) with shorter and longer options
  • Tähetorni Street
  • Tähetorni Street Train/Bus Stop