Taipei, Taiwan

Jingmei River Path

Running along the Jingmei River is another one Taipei’s off-road waterfront running pleasures. The best sections of this mostly paved path are between Jingmei Riverside Park and National Chengchi University. It’s about 6.3 km one-way, with options to do as much as you like. Daonang Park has a range of high-quality sports and exercise facilities. One can run on north side or south side paths, and there are more hotels on the south side. Note: on path access from the south, you’ll need to use stairs that climb over the flood wall every km or so — see the dotted lines on the map. 

Some highlights and segments, starting from Jingmei Riverside Park (north side):

1 km:      Muzha Riverside Park
3.8 km:  Yishou Bridge (good pedestrian crossing)
5 km:     Daonang Riverside Park
6.3 km:  Daonang Bridge (good crossing to the University)

For more, take a jaunt around the university campus.



  • 6.3 km (3.9 miles) one-way
  • Flat
  • North end: Jingmei Riverside Park; South End: Daonang Bridge
  • Bus along Xinhai Rd.