Canary Islands, Spain

Tenerife: Punta del Hidalgo Waterfront Route

CC 1.0: Jan Pešula

Punta del Hidalgo, at the nothern end of Tenerife,  is known for its rocky cliffs and rugged coastline with crashing surf. There’s a nice road for running along the water that goes for 3 km from the small fishing village of Punta del Hidalgo to Playa de los Troches (beach).

From Las Furnias Park in Punta del Hidalgo, take the coastal Cam. la Costa road along the water. After 0.3 km, the road turns to dirt, and is relatively free of cars. Continue along the road, with nice water views, reaching a lighthouse (1 km), passing a church, to the Mirador Punta Del Hidalgo (viewpoint) at 2.75 km, to where the path ends at Playa de los Troches. Retrace your steps for a 6 km out and back run.

Add-On: Inland from the Playa de los Troches is San Juanito hiking area. Mountainous and rugged. For hiking & challenging trail running.

  • 6 km (3.7 miles) out and back
  • 83m (272 feet)
  • Las Furnias Park, Punta del Hidalgo