Tokyo, Japan

Chiba: Waterfront Run Near Tokyo Disney

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If you’re visiting the Tokyo Disneyland area, take a break and enjoy this pleasant run along Tokyo Bay, along a path through several seaside parks. We’ve mapped a 10 km one-way route that you can use as a guide to run a distance of your choice. Some sections are green and pleasant, others are a bit industrial and exposed, but generally this is an attractive route.

At the northern end, start at Mihama Park. It’s 2 km to Hinode Beach, then continue west for 1.5 km to the end of Urayasushi Total Park. Here, there’s an option to take a jaunt along the Sakai River (adds ~3.3 km out and back). Continue along the main water path for another 1 km to the end of Takasu Seaside Park. Option here to head away from the water along a path through  through Kyoryu Park to Takasutaiyonooka Park (1 km).

  • Up to 10 km one-way, including options along Sakai River and Kyoryu Park.
  • Flat
  • Any spot. North end of mapped route is Mihama Park
  • Shin-Urayasu Station