Toronto, Ontario

Edwards Gardens, Science Center, Sunnybrook Park, Lower Don River Trails

A series of connected parks and trails provide for a nearly 11 km run from the Botanical Gardens in the north to Bloor & Bayview in the Cabbagetown area in the south. This is a popular area to visit in Toronto.

At the north end, start at the Edwards Gardens, which are part of the Toronto Botanical Gardens, and lovely for running. Continue south for 1.6 miles through a series of parks — Sunnybrook Park, Wilket Park, and Serena Gundy Park — to Eglinton Ave. E (lots of additional side trails). Cross Eglinton to the Ontario Science Center, where there are more trails on the grounds through ET Seton Park, paralleling Don Mills Rd. Just south, in the Thorncliffe area, you’ll connect with the Lower Don Mills River trails in the Lower Don Parklands (see our route there). This trail is along the river and paralleling Don Mills Rd. A good end (or southern starting point) is at the intersection of Bloor and Bayview, where there is a TTC subway line. There’s also a connection to the Beltline Trail and mid-town Toronto to the west.

Segment Distances:

  • Botanical Gardens to Eglington: 1.7 miles
  • Eglinton through Science Center to Lower Don Parklands: 3 miles
  • Lower Don Mills Trail to Bloor & Bayview: 2 miles.

Note that there is a project underway to improve the Lower Don Valley River trails.

  • 6.7 miles (10.8 km) one way from Edwards Gardens south to Riverdale Park at Bloor & Bayview
  • 258 feet
  • Edwards Gardens or other points on path
  • TTC Station on southern end at Bloor