The Beaches/Leslie Street Spit

Tommy Thompson Park
Woodbine Beach

The Beaches are a fun residential community near the water about 3 miles east of downtown. There are some good running options here. There are some good distances, so rather than describing a particular route, here are some distances and options. A good 5-mile loop is combining Woodbine Beach Boardwalk loop and Martin Goodman Trail to end of Beaches and back. It’s a nice run out to the lighthouse along the Spit. Note that the running in this area is open with great views but is also exposed — to wind and cold in the winter, and sun in the summer. Woodbine Beach, stretching nearly 2 miles, is the most popular beach in Toronto and probably the best for swimming.

Three of our suggested routes:

  • Woodbine Beach along Boardwalk, to end and loop: 2.2 miles
  • Tommy Thompson Park, to end of Spit: 3 miles one-way
  • Woodbine Beach east along Goodman Trail to end of Beaches: 1.4 miles one-way
  • Multiple one way and loop options - see description
  • Flat
  • Woodbine Beach or Tommy Thompson Park, depending on route chosen