Tuscany, Italy

Massa Carrara (Carrara/Viareggio)

A lovely waterfront path, stretching from Marina di Massa south to Viareggio, the Lungomare di Levante measures in at about 21 km. There are two options for running this stretch: a rubberized bike path on the east side of the street (separated from traffic by a meridian), or a concrete sidewalk on the west (shoreline side) of the road. For seaside views, the sidewalk delivers more scenery, but both options make for a nice run with a beachy boardwalk feel. On the Viareggio end, you can add in a jaunt out to the piers and docks. There are lots of options to drop down to the water for a view or a swim, but the sand here is less-than-ideal for running. The path goes for 21 fantastic waterfront kilometers, jump on and do any section! If you need some help choosing a section, here are some landmarks:

0 km — Marina di Massa

3 km — Parco del Magliano

6 km — Cross Fiume Versilia

9 km — Forte dei Marmi

12 km — Parco la Versiliana

15 km — Cross Fosso Motrone

18 km — Lido di Camiaore

21 km — Viareggio


  • Up to 21.4 km (13.3 miles) one-way
  • 30 meters
  • Marina di Massa
  • Massa Train Station